bmcircle-sustainabilityCan people hours impact on kilowatt hours? Spice is designing currencies capable of helping communities to live more lightly on the planet. 

A Loyalty Card for the Environment

In partnership with the Welsh Assembly Government, Spice is developing time currencies capable of both helping communities transition towards a low-carbon economy, and supporting businesses and agencies to work more collaboratively and sustainably: 

  • Within communities, Spice will use agency time credits to incentivise and remove the barriers to behaviour change in a number of key areas, including installation of micro-renewables, home energy efficiency measures, water saving and recycling, all of which have a measurable impact on household carbon footprints. Working closely with community partners including schools, housing associations, development trusts and service providers, Spice will engage people across the generations to imagine, create and sustain local solutions to global issues.
  • By means of the development of an appropriate technological platform, and through effective partnership working, Spice will encourage the exchange of services and resources between businesses, voluntary groups and agencies through use of a time-based currency. This 'barter economy for the age of austerity'- a natural tool for sustainability - will enable participating organisations from across the three sectors to support each other in achieving core goals through the collaborative sharing of resources; both physical and human. 


  • Develop a national organisation-to-organisation timebank focusing on sustainable development
  • Measurably reduce household carbon footprints in households across four key pilot areas.
  • Integrate low carbon time credits into citywide time network
  • Engage non-traditional groups in debate and action around sustainability and climate change
  • Create scalable, replicable model for engaging the many in action on climate change and sustainable development