Spice Time Credits


Engaging Communities

Time Credits transform the way public and voluntary sector agencies engage with communities by mobilising individuals and social networks as the core agents of change

People are thanked with time credits for contributing time to their community (putting 'Time In'). People use credits to access events, training and leisure services, or to trade time with neighbours (getting 'Time Out'). Transaction costs are minimal as it is coordinated by existing community facing staff, and because the redemption menu uses under-used community resources as well as direct (unmediated) exchanges between citizens. The result is engagement of the many rather than the few, and more cooperative public and community services.

Transform the way public & voluntary sector agencies engage with commnities by mobilising individuals & social networks as the core agents of change.


Listen to radio interviews with Becky booth and Tris Dyson, who help to describe the approach, how it has evolved and how it works 


There are many great venue and events operators that are recongising the important contributions that local people are making to our communities